Rust Website Down When Logging In

No, thats not how a DDoS works. They probably screwed up the permissions system. That would explain why Garry can see stuff and we can’t. Either that or they just messed up some code.

Ban me if what i’m saying is a little harsh, but why don’t you give a shit about the game? It’s got so much fucking potential and you’re just lurking around not giving a care in the world (From what it seems like anyway) People are aware you’ve got things going on irl that may keep you from updating and keeping this game up, but you’re taking the piss a little bit, if it’s such a big problem then why aren’t you giving the other admins/coders access to the EU server so they can do it for you instead of just being fucking selfish, yeah i’m aware it’s in Alpha and it’s not out yet but you’re hardly showing the dedication like Pat and Helk are, the problem doesn’t seem to be the servers needing constant attention, the problem seems to be you not giving a care in the world about the progress of the game, quit being a jellyhead.

I do agree with this statement, otherwise the rest is just way to rude…


Working here:

Looking at the code there is a bunch of display:none; CSS rules in there. I am not sure if they are meant to be there but they seem to be hiding some content.

I think somebody screwed up the CSS file. If you use firebug to remove the display:none; rules you see all the content. Fix the CSS.

If its working for you, you may just be looking at a cached version of the page.

Well, get airplane drops muches you can.

I apologize if my language was abit over the top but someone has to say something, I don’t mind bugs, glitches and all the other things you find in alpha, but hardly ever been able to test the game due to the EU server always being down or never been updated like the US is really frustrating and needs to be addressed.

Well the game nearly locks my PC completely after 5 mins, so no can do. ( It eats every bit of RAM possible, I have 4GB )

I’m still in the game (noPvp). Everything works fine except i can’t build anything atm. I’m stuck when i select a building object.

Noted: Only gold members so far seem to be having any luck.

Incorrect, I’ve logged in on my account and no luck yet my friend tried his on my PC and he was able to get in using the same browser. He’s already posted a bug report on the github about it so it seems a little weird how one account fails and the other works.

well on the image there are 11 players on the US server… so obviously the vast majority of us are having issues.

Thanks for the clearing up, but I can only go by what posts are here for results. So, everyone disagreeing with my post can go suck a big toe.

I would have posted it earlier however as the EU server was down we ended up going down to the pub. Either way I’m glad to know I wasn’t the only one having the issue, I’m sorry its more work for Garry and co. but I was starting to think it was my account based upon what we found out.

looks like RUST is hosted on GTA 5 servers.

how long is this gonna take?:confused:

Why is this Garrys only contribution to this thread?

First he takes our $200k, then he does not even bother to say…

“sorry about this guys I am working hard to resolve the issue”

All he does is asks a single dumb question and then neglects to update us for the next two hours.

While I partially agree I’d rather he be busy fixing it.

Website not working for me either. Perpetually spinning blue gear.

I disagree. It would take him less than one minute to make a post here. I would rather see some confirmation that he is dealing with it. You make it sound like he would need to spend an hour writing a post here… its a one minute thing.

“sorry about this guys I am working hard to resolve the issue”

Is it really that hard?