Rust Website Down When Logging In

You’re a prick. All I can say. Calm down and be patient - it’s an alpha and things are going to be broken.

Also he didn’t “take your $200k” - you’re the one who decided to give it to him.

No, it’s not, but we’re not impatient children who need to be reassured everything is going to be okay either. I expect such issues as the platform grows. Call me a realist.

They just made a post before you so look again :stuck_out_tongue:

Having the same problem here, blank screen with blue icon in the top corner (not spinning though)…

This wouldn’t happen to have something to do with the Firefox update I just installed would it?

It’s working for me on opera but with anything else the the page comes up blank with only the background and footer.

Jesus, some real anal people here.
Be honored they let you play on the alpha, you knew what you signed up for.

Will you stop bringing up the alpha point. Path of Exile was in alpha for a long time and the devs were immensely communicative with alpha testers. I am calm.

The alpha point is moot. I do not care that the site is down. I care that we the community are left hanging. Garrys entire contribution is one question. When you put a product on the market (yes this product is on the market) you are held to a certain standard. Other devs are able to update their community, he is too.

I do not think asking for one minute of this mans time is unreasonable. Nor do others as my original post has a bunch of people agreeing with it.

Also, he did take our money. Perhaps you would prefer I use the word ‘accepted’ though. He accepted out money and then neglects to inform us.

Let? I paid hundreds of dollars for several keys to be an alpha tester.

Read above, alpha point is moot. We all know its an alpha, that has nothing to do with Garry being communicative and forthcoming with the alpha community.

I agree. I think a lot of us enjoy this game, so please give us some news when we are not able to.

Personally i spent maybe 6 hours(!!) before i was able to build a house and a sleeping bag, so for me the game has just begun. Please let me know when i can continue. And more importantly… Get revenge!! :smiley:

Here’s the thing though, games like that had a full dev team and a customer service team. Here on rust, it’s just Garry, Max, Pat, and Helk.

I partially agree with that. You are right, PoE had more devs. However, four people should be able to find a few minutes between themselves.

I do not want them to update us every five minutes. Just a simple post will do.

Right now we do not even know if they are working on it. We do not even know if they care.

Same for me ! … I cant play cause the website is empty when I’m logged in …

Website works for me just fine.

it works for me too, on the US server either pat/helk through the console said they are looking into it.

Holy shit guys. He just had a kid. Give him some fucking room. Server has been updated plenty of times in the past two weeks fixing exploits and glitches. Be thankful that has happened.


its just taking too long.

garry, you’re my hero

but please next update friends can use my doors, please


thansk gazza

not that it will help much but. If you go to chrome and click reset under advanced options I can get back to were I log in. Then it says no servers are
online. If you log out at this point don’t refresh or hit the back button you can log in again. Maybe it will get you in I have not been able to but don’t get
the blank screen unless I am still logged in.

Why you making out like having a kid is such a hard job? Yeah it can be stressful but why would you want to look after a baby aswell as try to keep a game that’s in Alpha constantly updated, I clearly stated to hand access to the others if it’s really so hard, so why don’t you pull your tongue out of his arse and re-read what I wrote, weirdo.

It says for me

And that’s weird, as I’ve only been inactive two days… Maybe three? Certainly not one month.

strange also I can see only 15 players online so not many are playing however God knows what your bases will look like with no one there to stop these players :slight_smile: