RUST Weight System

I was thinking maybe RUST should make a weight system and if you carrying say 70+ or whatever pounds of gear you should walk slower or pass out if you run to far or such.

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This would just make the game too complicated, would make it harder to go out and collect resources for long periods of time, etc.

This game already has hunger so if anything just make it so if you carry more food goes down faster.

Personaly I think food is enough and I hope they don’t add things like sleep or thirst, they only take time away from more fun gameplay, I believe a weight system would do the same.

also, Thin, fit, and fat people

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to be fair, 250+ c4 isn’t realistic

I personally want weight but as the person above stated it would make resource management so complicated it is not even funny.

How would you justify 250 wood, stone, sulfur etc?

I think what i would change is the food restoring health, all these people jamming chicken breast down their throats during fire fights is kind of ridiculous.

Well we are all entitled to our own opinion. But really, Its a survival game. But thanks for the feedback

The availability of c4 is another issue. If someone spends hours and hours to make awesome gear they should be able to carry it around with them.

There are many threads suggesting this already.

I found all of these and more with a simple search of the forum with the word “weight”.

Well its not really up to me as how we justify that. All Im saying is if you got a lot of weight it will slow you down and to much will make you feint. But hey the chiken part though, you have a point. My hats off to you.

The hunger system in minecraft broke the game for awhile, I don’t play much anymore but 90% of servers I have been on use addons to disable hunger because it takes away from more fun aspects of survival.

That’s minecraft. Archie what makes survival fun to you? Being given everything?

I used minecraft because the mechanics are similar, survival sandbox type game.

Being given everything? Where did that come from? Hunger takes away, that’s the opposite of giving.
I enjoy combat and player interactions as this is a social experiment type of a game.
Having to worry about food is enough of a distraction, having weight to worry about would be too much.

There it is! “Weight would be to much to worry about” That adds to the excitement.


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Excitement = Fun

Worry = Stress

Stress =/= Fun

Once you’ve killed a couple dozen animals and have ~150 chicken though, hunger isn’t really a concern anymore in this game (as it currently stands). That’s do-able within your first game hour or two, just taking down what you encounter in your searches for other resources, so it’s not even as if you need to dedicate time to it. Now, if stacks were limited to 25 or 50, that might start to limit people’s carrying capacity without having to implement a weight system (and still allowing resource gathering). Things like C4, considering their utility, should always take up a full slot (max stack of 1).

Now, 25 chicken in a stack (especially when you can have another stack or two in inv) won’t change the hunger dynamic, but smaller stacking does address some of the other concerns being raised here.

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Also… Isn’t minecraft a building game, with survival aspects added? We’re playing a survival game with building aspects added, so there are different considerations to be made.

There comes a point where too much realism takes away from teh fun and makes the game a chore. Adding a weight system would be one of those things.

Why is everyone trying so hard get mine craft and an overly complicated extremely realistic survival simulator out of this game. At a certain point you have to draw the line on how realistic shit gets. Next thing you know we are all going to be bear grillsing it up in this game with dysentery and having to drop items do to the weight cause we are to sick to carry it all. Oh and Playing a guitar to lower in game stress levels so we don’t burn as many calories we also have to have a fire to bring the morale bar back up after the rainstorms.

Simple solution to the spam-chicken issue: Make eating the chicken take time.

It’s a video game, you already have limited inventory. No thank you. It would be neat if items were different sizes like in Day Z and the Diablo II style. Where you can tetris things around. But no to a weight system, it’s trivial and would only add frustration.


I wuldent relly mind having a wight system in place as time goes on, remember that we are also going to be getting more transportation ways to. we allready know of the cars who knows maybe a weight system or simply becuse your inventory is limited atm will give garry an idea of making a little wooden cart you can drag with you xD