Rust - What about forest npcs

Hi guys, what do you think about forest npcs in rust?

Npcs like:



Yurei (From ghouls forest 3)

or less (scary) npcs

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No. this sounds really dumb. No no no. “Slendertubby”? Seriously? What the fuck?

Helll no. Wth. Nonono please no. :suicide:

Aren’t you and the guy who proposed the kitten people from Final Fantasy related? :slight_smile:

o_O? Nope

Hell fuckin NO

Yeah, let’s just add Slenderman into a game that has nothing at all to do with a stupid meme that’s been overused even before Pewdiepie led his army of morons to it.

Oh wait that’s a terrible idea that makes the whole game into a joke of itself. The devs have artistic and professional integrity.

This game doesnt need shitty creatures like Slenderman.

Wtf is a slenderman

I personally think the only “NPCs” in Rust should be other players. Mutants/enemies are fine, but I don’t want this to turn into an RPG or something. I think that the enemies in The Forest are fine where they are, because that’s meant to be more of a single-player experience. Rust was thought of with player freedom/interaction in mind.

Looks like it was just a bad idea ^^,

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I’m hoping they don’t put the current monster concepts in, as they really don’t fit the game. More mutated animals/humans or something.

I think that since the only NPC threats in the game are placeholders they can make absolutely anything fit the game.

People have to remember that they’re just concepts, if they put those things into the game it’s not like they wouldn’t get a huge artistic overhaul to fit the general theme a bit better.