Rust Whitelist (GroupID Finder)


I’ve recently created a small program to utilize the new upcoming feature of whitelisting servers by groups.
I found out that looking for the groupID’s of groups is quite anoyying, so I’ve built this program to make it quite easier for you guys.

I’d like to credit AmitKilo for the program’s background.

For those who are worried, because I am a new member here and it’s a EXE file.

Virustotal scan:

For those who wonder, I used this link as my API.

Download link

Enjoy :slight_smile:

Or you can skip downloading a program in the first place and use this website.

You could, I’m just offering another way.

Good idea for the new update!

Glad you like it, thanks for the help again ^^


Pushed in a small update, the program does not use a console anymore - complete standalone form.