Rust: WHY, WHY, WHY!!!!

The game and the idea behind it is fantastic, but unfortunately that’s not what I’m going to talk about right now. (I’ve had my fun, I still have a bit of fun, but in reality it’s starting to drag… I don’t like saying negative things, but it needs to be said)
I feel a bit ripped off, obviously this game is in alpha and has a lot of content to add to it.

As a company, FacePunch have made a figure I can’t even imagine after the mass amount of sales for Rust. Which in no doubt have also increased the sales for Garry’s Mod during this period prior to Rust’s release.
Where is all of this money currently going, because I don’t feel like it’s going towards the content of the game or hiring new staff out for the studio to increase the rate in which this game is improved upon.
We all knew what we were in for. In the UK £15 a pop to purchase Rust is all good, but a lot of people have stopped playing recently.
We’ve been consistently giving them our input, and by now they should have a firm direction in which they are taking this game.

There’s nothing particularly interesting about this anymore and it feels less and less original the more you play it.
Yes we had an updated sky, some bits fine tuned and the sea levels raised. But we already had these things to an extent.

I don’t speak for everyone here, but I would really like to see something that is actually new in this game, some progression that shows us where this is heading.
The trello site shows us little tid bits of &*%$ all and gets updated every so often.

There’s a lack of direction as far as I’m concerned for the game and I feel we deserve more, and there’s a hell of a lot of us out there at the end of the day that purchased this game. It might be nice now there’s a good bit of cash flowing about, the game was well promoted, stuck on the top sellers on steam for a good while and now its quite simply slacking.
After a vote for what we want to replace zombies, the vast majority wanted Dinosaurs & Military. Are we going to get either? (honestly I feel dinosaurs may be too much, large enemies similarly sized however would be great. Real threats besides people.)

So if any of the moderators or even Gary himself reads this, I have a couple of questions.
Where is this game headed and why are we kept in the dark in terms of future updates and your ‘hopes and dreams’ for the final point (if there ever is one) to this game?

I do love this game, I don’t mean to be negative about it. It’s just be in the back of my mind for quite some time now, the longer the game is taking to update, the more disappointed I’m getting…
I don’t want to have to feel like I’m going to have to come back to this game every 3 months just to see a minor thing has changed.
Are there deadlines and particular goals you are trying to achieve, for instance bringing the game from alpha in beta?

Thanks, sorry this was a bit long winded…

omg another one? seriously?

I stopped reading here: “Where is all of this money currently going, because I don’t feel like [bla bla bla same stupid crap that everyone says when they don’t know anything]”

Facepunch is hiring. Things cost money. Do you really think Garry just stuffed $30mil into his sock? He probably doesn’t even see a majority of it. And Facepunch is a company, they want to make money over a period of time. They can’t just dump millions into a project to make it go by faster, that doesn’t make economical sense.

They don’t have to take our input. Why should they? When were you told that your input would change the game?

The new sky was actually made by their new hire at Facepunch, and I saw some decent FPS upgrades from it! So way to go new guy!

There’s even a secret Trello. Garry made that just to piss you off. /sarcasm
They don’t have to tell us ANYTHING. They could have made us all accept a non-disclosure agreement. But they didn’t. Instead they’re giving us cool glimpses of the future… That’s not a bad thing, that’s a GOOD thing.

Lack of direction… aka: you think it’s not happening fast enough. This game will likely take years to finish, if that doesn’t fit into your schedule then no one is sorry.

Just go away. Please please with a cherry on top. This has all been said before and your opinions are your own and that’s fine but do your research first so you at least kind of know what you’re talking about.

You do know what being in alpha stages actually means right? Expecting a working anything is asking a lot for something in alpha, let alone signs of a where a finished product is going to be. Not to mention they’ve clearly stated that they don’t know exactly what direction they’re going to take the game in yet.

Be patient. The best things are worth waiting for.

I feel like I keep repeating this, but one of the fundamental tenets of software project management theory is Brooke’s Law: “adding manpower to a late software project makes it later”.

Another common quote from this theory is that “Nine women can’t make a baby in one month”. Basically, decades of experience in software projects has taught us that it is not as simple as throwing more money and people at a project in order to more a completion date, and that it can actually make it worse.

Right now they are probably only focused on creating enough content to support Alpha and testing of the engine. Most of the work would be in the core engine and systems that support everything else. Until this is worked out, building lots of content on top of that is likely to lead to rework later on. That is, throwing away some work and taking a lot more time down the track.

Development on an engine isn’t simply a matter of time. A group of developers are constructing a set of interrelated systems of extreme complexity. These systems must be built with a plan to support various features and content that are not yet written and possibly not even defined yet. The quality of the engine and core systems is going to come from the mutual understanding the team has of the project.

Every change and addition must be made very carefully and with a good understanding of how it will affect other systems. Mistakes made now will multiply out later down the track and cause the tail end of the project to grow by more than the effort expended now to perfect it.

Garry and team may well be of the opinion that they currently have the most effective team size for this part of the project. This would be based on how much code each developer is responsible for, the number of communication channels required between developers, how well the team has a full understanding of all the code already written and so on.

I would suggest that once the main work on the engine is completed that they will accelerate with content. At this point the work might be better able to be divided amongst more people and you should see an increase in delivery. Right now the recent posts about the new UI engine indicates they are improving the core systems and the work on farming indicates they are also working on new types of feature that can be supported.

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Oh and also, a company with 10 developers could easily have a yearly wages bill of more than $1 million. You need to actually understand that there are a lot of costs in business and they aren’t suddenly rich enough to do anything they want.

sorry i miss rated your post. it’s not dumb

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alpha a lot of times will be behind the scene tweaks to the engine and such

stuff that the average 12 year old like yourself wouldn’t notice


Wrath is hitting the nail on the head, regardless of what some self-important gold guru’s may think. The question has nothing to do with it being in alpha…or whether certain features are worked out, or how many new hires, or any of that. The issue is “where are you headed with this?” We forked up the coin on Faith…so let us in on where you are headed in the development of the game.

Why is that important ole’ Goldie? Because right now the steam has pretty much run out of the game, so to speak. It takes only a day or two in-game to learn how to survive the environment, to feed yourself, shelter, protect from the animals. Then what are you left with? PvP? I fuck you up and then you run over here and fuck me up? I steal your shit and then you come over and steal mine? Repeat, repeat, repeat… Is that all there is to it? Maybe if you are 12 or 14 years old (no offense guys) it rings your bell…but for the rest of us? Get old real quick. So Wrath is right on…nice game…but where are you headed?


Here’s where they’re going, dated June 2013.

Things may have changed, but that’s where they were going before and I haven’t seen any incredibly huge deviations from that overall plan.

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Also, there’s no need to sign your posts; your name is to the left of everything you’ll ever post here.

Thanks for your reply elix. I checked out your link but it doesn’t really relate to where we all are today. What are you getting out of the game, if I may ask? What is it that brings you back day after day? Simple question…would like to know. I enjoyed the game immensely for awhile, but then it just seemed like every day in-game was pretty much the same.

Thanks for the tip re: signing my posts. I’m 64 years old, started my gaming career by playing Pong when you were still in diapers, cut my teeth on Gary Grigsby’s first title “Eastern Front” played on my Atari 64, and have played them all ever since. You can’t tell me Jack Shit about gaming, pal. Beyond that I guess I’ll sign my posts if I want to.

Wow, I feel so much better now…


Ugh, ANOTHER thread like this? We’ve heard it like 20 fucking times already.

If this thread, the issue behind it, has been repeated 20 times then I would say 1. It’s an important issue in the community, and 2. It hasn’t been resolved yet.

Given that, this is your response? “Ugh” ? This is your contribution to the community discourse? “Ugh” ? Come on pal, you can do better than that. What is your take on it? I really am interested to know.


for a second let us imagine this game isn’t rust.

Lets imagine it as one of the best selling games of all time Half-Life 2 which came out on November 16 2004

Now, development of Half life 2 started on June 1999
By September 2002 the game was still being developed having only a flimsy plot and a few basic maps done as well as the physics and weapons

is where you have bought the game
You complain about not knowing where the game is going?
Well neither did half life fucking 2 at this stage

Garry and his team can take this in any direction he wants
you do not get a single say in this because you don’t want to wait for the game
Rust is going to be in development for YEARS

Let me just repeat that:
Rust is going to be in development for YEARS

signing your posts will get you banned here

so you actually can’t sign your posts if you want to :~)

OT, you ask questions like “what are you getting out of the game?” and “What brings you back day after day?” but those questions are entirely irrelevant.
I don’t play the game every day… I don’t really think that’s the point.

When the game is in full release, THEN the questions you’re asking would be pertinent.
The devs can take all the time they need and disclose whatever information they want, it’s entirely up to them and no where did anyone say that by buying the game in early access you would be getting inside info from the devs all the time.

You may have bought the game on “faith” but that doesn’t mean anyone owes you anything. They could shut down right now and no one could do anything, that’s their prerogative.

And yes: “UGH!”

Because we’ve heard this same crap a million times, I haven’t even been here that long and I’m already entirely tired of people that don’t realize this isn’t a beta, this is an alpha. Things take time, things are broken, and quite frankly, this is EXACTLY the right time for the devs to not know where to take the game… THAT’S WHAT ALPHA IS FOR!

Normally people don’t have access to alpha stage. Be grateful that you do.

Are you saying our taxes are going to Rust?

Really? 64 years and you never once heard of early access games being bad?\

I mean come on I was like 12 years old when NS2 and overgrowth came in a bundle and even I thought that was a shitty deal because the game didn’t even exist at the time.

Look I don’t mean to repeat what other people have previously posted, and just to clear this up I’m 22 and not in my young teens like you all instantly assume. (insert common Samuel Jackson phrase here)

My intent is not to bitch about the game, but to really pull the publics opinion forward on this. Maybe the alpha release was just a stage that was too early for people such as myself to be purchasing the game. The power of advertisement is an absolute (insert common Samuel Jackson phrase here)

Now I do understand that this takes a lot of time to do, the point I’ve tried to make a late Wednesday night, but you guys are missing the point.
I can’t be the only person looking for some reassurance with this game at the moment.

That links a bit dated now, but I’ll check out the rest of Garry’s ‘Blofg’ so thanks for this!
I know this game is going to be in development for years. It’s blatent and obvious, but I think as the early stage funders of the project aren’t we entitled to a bit more of an insight?
Compared to other sales on games, Rust has achieved a huge milestone in sales and for an independent company I am proud to be part of this and proud of them for making this such a huge success.

I want to know, what is it currently that pulls you back to Rust?
For me it’s the friends from back home and others I’ve actually met in game, this is easily the most social game I’ve played probably since Halo 2 on the Xbox, Diablo II or even Phantasy Star Online.

I guess it also doesn’t help my views between my studies, work and living life that can make this game hard to get along with at times, because I could have a long session on here for nothing, but that is the game and the reason for communities / house sharing on here.

So I suppose I am speaking on the behalf of the bill payers and ‘strugglers’ when it comes down to it, not the kids and the ‘lar dee dars’ who think everything’s is ‘fabulous’

Sorry guys, I don’t feel like I’m able to pull my point through to you without getting a backlash of young thriving button bashers. A few people here know what they’re talking about, and I appreciate the mature approach taken towards their replies.

Give that a read.


The game is what you make of it, have a good community whether it be friend or foe and you will enjoy it, not everyone is the same of course but I know a lot of people with this mindset.


As before your purchase,you could and you should see,that game in an early-acess game.Which shows it’s at alpha stage and devs stated,what will they are going to do,what they are planning and what do they expect basically at there.So once you buy the product,you actually admit that you read all the information here and accepted it.

Secondary thing i want to mention is,most people believe,game developers withdraw all the money from bank accounts from the sales and rest of the company and team develop the game for christ’s sake while the guys like (Garry as you point)having fun in his hot tub.This is not the true story.As facepunch they also pay taxes,they should hire and pay to their employees also need to buy some products (for example modelling like 3Dsmax,Maya,Solid etc.) to improve their game quality.So long story short Garry himself did not earn and took all the money at once $30 mil in one day.

Also please read again what dev. says:
“We are in very early development. Some things work, some things don’t. We haven’t totally decided where the game is headed - so things will change. Things will change a lot. We might even make changes that you think are wrong. But we have a plan. It’s in our interest to make the game awesome - so please trust us.”

Also some of the employees will and can work remotely so this will create a little bit slowdown but that does not mean lack of insight or inspiration.They have to test the things before they release the new features with newest patch.Games like Rust (Minecraft and Starforge also similar) might not have any end point.So wait and see as the game itself evolves and develops.

Garry deserves to be sat in his hot tub if I’m honest…
To achieve what the team has achieved is fantastic, especially for them and their families realistically!
And cheers Sio, I didn’t see the update yesterday, but that’s what I meant by reassurance. (but what I don’t understand is why it says “thanks dickhead” when I agree to your post hahaha!)

There are people on both sides of this, honestly I feel like I’m in the middle ground in terms of opinions.
Honestly I feel like it’s my expectation of this game that took over last night, we all want more and the amount of us contributing ideas and artwork towards the game I can imagine feel a similar way.

Strad: I believe in the developers, no doubt. And of course I knew what I was purchasing and very clear over what an alpha stage is. I’ve been testing games for a number of years from both indie and major companies, much like many other people here.

A lot of you are stating facts that I’m sure everyone already knows and that information is littered everywhere. Maybe I just wanted to give things a bit of a kick up the arse. Who doesn’t?

I’m not trying to slag the game or the developers off, understand that before you go throwing ‘Argh, another one of these threads’
At least try to make the thread a bit more productive like others have, people will appreciate that.

Looking back on the updates since I first had a go on Rust at a friends in December, yeah there have been quite a few changes, a lot of it to do with compatibility and it seems we’re on the brink of Rust taking more of a clear directive over these next few months. I might be wrong, but I’m hopeful.
Still enjoying the ‘Thanks Dickhead’