Rust Wiki on Gamepedia!

Hey all, check out the nice wiki for Rust on gamepedia @

Feel free to edit, update, and add information as you see fit!

There is already a wiki on Rust, why make another one when you can combine manpower to make a single, more focused one?

We already have a wiki…

Seriously, why isn’t the original wiki stickied.

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You’ve even stolen the images from the other wiki, or by an amazing coincidence, you used the exact same image sizes as I did for the items I edited.

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No, no, those images are the exact same images from the other wiki, I can tell because you’re missing the exact same images as we are, also you have the same differences in all of them, for example the one’s I uploaded have the thick grey border where I left in part of the inventory background so it looked better, and some of the ones other’s uploaded have some differences in definition to the others on the wiki (Cooked Chicken Breast)

Gamepedia is a better platform for game wikis. There is no fireworks display of ads. Further, it is focused purely on games. You won’t find wikis on bacon on gamepedia. Finally, with Gamepedia being focused on games, a lot more can be done to help the growth of Rust and to help promote it to people who may not have heard of it before. ie.

Maybe we have had enough promotion for the game as it is already?

gamepedia is a lot cleaner looking imo, it doesn’t have those useless sidebars displaying all those useless things

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gamepedia is also better on wide screens

I’m guessing some of you have never browsed the alternative without ad-blocker :expressionless:

lol omg seriously? I believe that is the worlds worst site! :suicide: