Rust winter

I was just wondering about ideas or cool things for rust and one was rust winters or snow biomes. I think these could really fit especially with having a cold metre that eventually have cold being an actual threat. I think that winter biomes with snow would really change the style of play because obviously in white areas, cloth armour is more camouflaged then any other armour especially Kevlar. So yeah I would love to see some winter in any way shape or form in rust:)

Rather than a biome I would like to have rust island winter over certain time periods.

great idea

biomes = dumb.
seasons = alrite

I think this is unlikely to happen. Why? A lot of assets need to be changed to fit the winter environment. Ground textures, a lot of models and their textures… it’s a massive effort.

I talk about this slightly in my thread!

Check it out!

Actually, Gary has already talked about seasons and it would appear its a go