Rust with EasyAntiCheat did this.

Soo i tried running rust Experimental branch,
and it had to update fair enough…

i ran it, waited for it to finish, avg detects a virus, with rust.exe, more details shows EasyAntiCheat_Setup.exe
is infected with malware and sh*t so i said Protect me,
then this happend to my pc
everything went flashing on my screens, and my task manager got cleared for procceses >


Incase ^ does work.

1 Question, Daf*ck ?

So, you told your antivirus to clean what it falsely perceived as a virus, and AVG fucked up the running session while it was shutting Rust and EAC down. Good job.

Rust and EAC are not viruses. EAC may appear like a virus to antivirus because of the access it requires to do its job. Antivirus programs themselves tend to act a lot like viruses in order to catch them, and EAC and hacks have much the same situation.

Reboot your computer, and then validate your Rust install (in the Steam properties) or just remove and reinstall it completely, and then tell AVG to let it through.

Hope you’re rite man ;/ i don’t want rust to be a virus, the game is too cool D:

crossed fingers for luck!

Rust isn’t a virus. These are common things that are known as false-positives with many anti-virus programs that utilize advanced heuristics to detect viruses that are “not in the wild” yet. Most of the time the heuristics that are used just hit tons of false-positives or PUPs (acronym for potentially unwanted programs).

More often than not, a PUP is something that you don’t want. Usually these range from silly toolbar additions for your browser, or the more inconvenient and intrusive “fake” anti-virus viruses. However, if you see that it hits something such as EAC, or perhaps a trainer you have laying around for a particular game, it detects these things as such because of the technology that they use to perform their necessary tasks.

For example, trainers directly alter the memory addresses of a variety of things within a game. It accesses this stuff as it’s loaded into RAM. Many viruses do a very similar thing when “spreading” throughout your system. Things like this are what commonly set off the heuristics of an anti-virus, and just because your anti-virus says that something is a virus does not always mean that it’s a virus.

In this day and age, the protection from an AV should be treated as more of a suggestion than actual tried-and-true fact.

Ok but will this ever stop?
Like will Rust and EasyAntiCheat ever stop being detected as viruses?
cause it’s annoying it has to pop up everytime i enter the game, and when it already is being excepted…

you have some serious problems

EasyAntiCheat just needs a one-time setup. After that, your anti-virus shouldn’t pick it up as a ‘potential’ threat.

EAC is just some software that supplements rust’s other anti-cheat measures, namely VAC and Cheatpunch. It’s harmless, you can stop freaking out now.

Don’t use AVG?