Rust With Friends | Ep. 3 - Can we build it? (Rust Alpha Gameplay)

Rust With Friends | Ep. 3 - Can we build it? (Rust Alpha Gameplay)

Rust is the new hatchet-wielding zombie game from Garry’s Mod creator Garry Newman, and it’s currently in alpha. Get a glimpse of it here.

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Rust Alpha -

Have a spare Alpha or Beta key? Well If your willing to sell them for $10 I’ll buy them. (Price negotiable) Pm me for details.

stop posting ur vids

also u suck at linking youtubes

Hey people that don’t own the game want to see gameplay. So instead of them complaining for a key I shut them up for a good 15-20 minutes. I don’t see any rules about not posting videos.

And I fixed the link in like 3 seconds after the post smd

your lets play is so boringgggggg

Sorry man the newer ones will be better. I had some footage lost, and it was scheduled to upload.
If you want to see some of the better episodes you can check out the playlist here

you need to breathe some life into your lets plays

you’re like “oh look at this, oh look at that, oh shit zombies”

Yeah I know, I always seem to record this when its like 3am and we are tired. I had a lot of awesome raiding and surviving gameplay, but fraps only recorded my audio during that time and I didn’t realise till I looked over it. RWF Episodes 2 - 5 are all from the same play session.