Rust WOMAN character. The next great DEBATE.

Now this has become a topic me and my friends have talked about for awhile now. Now no, I’m not being creepy. I’m one of those people who play with censorship on due to the fact my friends dangle their “things” everywhere and I don’t need to be scarred. Many games have done the opposite of rust, give no woman censorship what so ever but wont go near men. Now why you guys did it this way I don’t know. But at some point I think adding woman would complement the game play. Now I can see the cons in this. If you add woman everyone will want the next best thing. Which is what I’m guessing you want to avoid. Otherwise I don’t see any other down sides. That’s about it.

I’ve stated the topic. Feel free to continue!

It’s planned and billions of other threads already exist

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How would there even be cons outside of 12 year old boys being retards?

it wouldn’t effect gameplay period. at all. Not a single thing would change. not even in the slightest… outside of women being in the game

Ive searched the forums. Not one on this subject.

you what mate

every one of these are about females, and that’s only half of the search page for one word

no you didn’t

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let me look again to see if perhaps we have at least one thread regarding it

oh wait

oh look

where did this come from

how embarrassing

Heh, well this could be locked then.

the forum search engine is crap, but once you get the hang of it it works.

protip: if you find that a forum’s built in search isn’t doing what you want it to, use Google’s site specification feature.

As with the racism, I fear you will find a lot of the small minded idiots running around and threatening to rape anyone with a female avatar, unfortunately. It will affect gameplay for those who end up being female.

they can threaten all they want. my dick is bigger than theirs.

Search actually works just fine, just click on the left tab for single topic search first (multitopic search, the default, is worthless). The only limitation is that the forum search only returns 250 results max.

female avatars confirmed for “Hard mode”

only for the most skilled players. The definitive rust experience.

So 7DTD did (IMO) a pretty good job of male/female models and options to customize. lets not take it to the level of some games where you can have kids and get married and all.

like in Blizzard’s WOW I am thinking 95% of the female toons will be played by high school kids