Rust won't launch at all.

8 GB Ram
GTX 670
Win 7 64 bit

Last night I updated some hardware. I went from an Asus p7p55d and i7-860 to a Gigabyte H97-HD3 and Core i5-4590. Everything else remained the same except the brand of Ram. Previously I never had an issue loading Rust.

Since the updated hardware, I click “play Rust” and the game launcher won’t even load.

I then try launching “Rust DX9”. The launcher does come up then but as the game loads, it CTD right after “easy anti cheat loaded”.

Any suggestions would be great. I’ve read some that stated to reinstall EAC, which I did. I’ve read some that said unplug Microphone. I don’t have mine plugged in. I’ve read some that said make sure your audio is set to “Speakers” and not “Microphone”. It is.

I’ve verified the game files as well.

I’m lost at this point. Thanks for any input.

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Curious if anyone else is running a Haswell Refresh processor and Rust successfully?

Due to fresh hardware, Windows required a service pack update which fixed the issue!