Rust wont Launch/ Start Up

I just bought rust and when I double click on the exe or hit play in the steam library nothing happens. I have windows 7 and a decent computer so I know i will be able to play this game. I have tried everything from restarting to switching to the dev branch to changing compatibility to setting it to start as an administrator. I have never had a game that wouldnt even launch before.

Please help

Post your specs please, a “decent computer” means nothing.

Gateway NV75S
AMD A8-3500m APU with Radeon HD processom
Graphics 1.50 GHz
4.00 GB ram
64 bit win 7 os

Alright, first off, 1.50 GHz is NOT a Graphics card :v: Second, that is nowhere near decent, that’s an early AMD APU, and from the clock speed (“graphics,”) I am guessing that it’s a laptop. This is EXTREMELY weak because it isn’t even breaking 2 GHz. Sorry, even if it did work, it would play below 30 FPS on low, most likely.

Also, AMD’s mobile Radeon GPUs are well-known for being pretty damn weak (at least the integrated ones…)

I dont care how my fps will be when I play, I just want to play. I didnt post on the forum to get my laptop criticized. im not saying the game is laggy, it doesnt even load. I get a loading circle near my mouse for 2 seconds then nothing.

It won’t matter, trust me, it WILL be unplayable even if you can get it running, and in a multiplayer only game where speed is of the essence, you would be kicking and screaming in moments. Go out and invest about $600 into building a desktop if you want to play it well.

if someone else could offer a solution that would be great.

I offered you a solution, go buy a new computer. That is going to be the only way, I will repeat it again: even IF you could get it running, it will NOT be anywhere near playable for you, it will look absolutely awful, and you will come back screaming for a refund. I am not trying to criticize your laptop, but is a fact that it is not at all passable in the playability department.

I am having a similar issue. The game loads the splash screen, then boots me to the desktop.

Intel Core 2 Quad 2.66Ghz
GeForce GTX 480

I also have a similar problem. I click on “Start Rust” the facepunch logo comes and then it boots me to the desktop

Intel Core i5 2Ghz
8GB Ram
GeForce 740M

I have the same issue. I did something and it suddenly started working. I did this: wen I start the game, it gaves a smiley and it doesn’t start the game. So Start the game and press ctrl + alt + del, and then open task manager. you should hear the background music. Open the game and voila there you go.
This worked for me so i hope it work for you.
My pc pecs:
Core I7 4770 3.4GHz
12 GB ram
Nvidia Geforce 770 (I hope I wrote the good one :P)