Rust won't load a complete server list


I just bought the game, and, when I log in, I can’t have a download of official server list, and, looking with another guy, seem that it load me only few community server ( like 1300 over 6000 ).

Can someone help me?



If this is what I think you are referring to, the server lists can only list a certain amount of entries. I believe it is 300 (or is it 200,not sure)

When I’m on Play Tab, this is the situation, right now, for example:

( Too big to add it right into the forum )

I both opened ports over Router and Firewall.

Is not a problem about how many I visualize over the single window, but that doesn’t load the correct number of server, and won’t load any of the official server, how you can see over the screesnhot.


200 last i heard:)

See above topic with solution (for most)

Connecting through a paid VPN is not really a solution…