Rust won't open

So, I opened Rust for the first time this week (Right after updating), and it won’t launch. The PlayRust Configuration file opens up, and as soon as I click ‘Play!’ it closes and the generic Crash window pops up:

Has this happened to someone before? How do I fix it? I’ve tried several times to open it.

[EDIT] Currently trying to reinstall rust.

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OK, so I reinstalled the game and it still doesn’t work.

Exact same thing is happening to me. If you use -force-d3d11 as a launch option for it in steam it will work. but its not a great fix lots of lag.

Doesn’t work for me either and when i set the launch options to what you said it launches but with SHIT TON of lag(I have a gaming computer)!

same here :frowning: need help…

i got that today, to fix it i turned off dev branch then could log in.

i tried to go back to stable version and same thing over again game crash…

Same here. Turned off dev branch but still crashing -_-

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Tried -force-d3d11 now … crashing too.

Same thing is happening to me shamefully guess ill be waiting for a fix as im a steam noob xD

It worked for me like an hour ago. Now it crashes after the gray loading screen with facepunch logo.

I have windows 7

Yep, just stops responding for me… Was working like 30 minutes ago for me.


Same problem here!

same here worked a few minutes ago, restarted and it updated and now i can’t run it

im getting mad now, tried all the above and nothing. got up early today to play and now im sitting here not playing. Fix the problem fast garry.

Someone’s getting fired for this XD


yes same here!!! acap fix! please

When will it be fix ?

Yes, same here.
Can’t open the game =/

Did you guys download that last update. Thats what is making it constantly crash. Hopefully Garry is fully aware of this bug and can fix it As soon as possible