Rust won't run on any of the settings on my Alienware 17 R3 (i7, 970m, 8gb)

Hey guys, so I have a new Alienware 17 R3 and it won’t run rust. I have tried it on 1080 on every setting from fantastic all the way to fastest, i won’t run no matter what… super super laggy. I have made sure that rust isn’t on my integrated graphics card and it is on the nvidia. I can run every game that i put to it but rust… I have tried everything and put it on high performance… Has anyone had similar issues or is having the same issue? I have also contacted alienware and nvida and they have done test on my computer to make sure the drivers were working properly (uninstalled reinstalled drivers) and all the setting set so it could run. I should be able to run on maxed graphics easy for rust… It’s just pissing me off because it’s only happens when i try to play rust. My brother has a lower end computer next to me with 8gb of ram and he runs it fine on all settings. My last thing i can think of is that rust must not be optimized for the 970m or something because i am stumped… Hope we can figure this out! Thanks!!

Most likely optimisation issues. Patience.

But why don’t the optimization issues happen to everyone? Why just me haha?

How exactly have you forced rust to use the nvidia card? If you simply made a profile for rust in the nvidia control panel, some people have reported that it doesn’t work at all, and they had to force the computer to always use the nvidia processor in the global settings.

And no, you should not be able to run rust on max settings 1080p with a 970m. not unless you call 40fps or less running, which I certainly don’t.

And obviously it’s not optimised for your card, it’s not optimised for ANY graphics card.

Yes it should be able to run on maxed settings on a 970m…? I ran it with my 960 on full maxed on my old desktop… What do you mean it isn’t optimized for any graphics card…

You completely ignored the only important thing I stated in my comment… How have you forced it to run on the 970m?

And no, it shouldn’t be able to play rust on max settings, rust doesnt run well on any laptop yet from what I’ve seen, I’ve seen posts where people with a 980m only got a max of 45fps or less on max settings.

And what do you think i mean? the game is currently unoptimised, they’ve only optimised certain things in the game that were seriously hurting fps, but they haven’t optimised the game to fully utilise any type of hardware at all yet. A while ago someone with a 980ti was saying he could only run rust on the lowest possible settings and still couldn’t get a steady 60 fps.

It’s different for everyone at the moment. I personally don’t have a problem with rust at all I run max settings 1080p and hold a steady 80-90fps with a few occasional drops on my 970.

I have an Alienware 17 R2 pretty much same set up the 970m i7-4710HQ but 16gb of ram, I run this on beatiful settings at 1080p getting 70-85 fps. The issue I had was in nvidia control panel forcing rust to use the gpu instead of the HD4600 built in. However I do have alot of cooling upgrades, on my laptop and my cpu is overclocked to 3.7ghz and my GPU is overclocked to core 1100mhz and memory 5750mhz an almost 40% OC. My cpu runs at 70c under load and my gpu stays around 55-60c under load. This is again the custom cooling desktop i have as well as upgraded thermal paste.

I went into nvidia control panel and it says that its on the nvidia gpu. Then i went into the game on 1080 on fastest and my fps was 4… 4??? That really blows my mind, i have no idea what else to do, because there are other people that have the same laptop and can run rust… maybe i just need some ram upgrades etc, but it should be able to run on 8gb, because my brother runs it on 8 gb…??? Helppppp:(

To check what graphic card is using RUST : start game - press f1 - system info and check what card rust is using.

Do this. It doesn’t matter if nvidia is saying its using the nvidia card, unity games seem to like to use the integrated graphics.

If rust is using the integrated graphics, which I’m 99% sure it is, in nvidia control panel, under global 3D settings you’ll need to select the preferred graphics processor as the high performance nvidia processor. This will make your computer always use the nvidia card and not even consider the integrated.

And no you don’t need more ram, if you were running out of ram the game would simply crash and give an error related to the memory.

Duuuuude your amazing!!! So that is for sure the problem, because rust is running on the integrated even when i change it to the nvidia. Now im just trying to find the way to change it like the guy said to in the link you provided!

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Dude I did it!!! Thanks so much man!!