Rust wont start since today

Hi guys,

I played Rust the last 3 days without any problems. Today I played Rust and than it stucked I was still able to move around but not to interact in any way so I logged out. Later I tryed to play again but the game isnt starting the web player is downloading all the files till it says Download complete and than nothing happens. I didnt changed anything on my PC.

Thats what it looks like:

Shows this whenever you can’t connect to the server or while it is trying to connect to the server, meaning the server is probably down / really laggy. Does this for me sometimes

Try waiting nearly 20minutes or so. If it doesn’t load,wait till today’s morning. There’ll be an update regarding these kinda of issues(Unity crashes,loading issues and so on).

i waited ~30mins already and im trying it the whole evening on different servers
btw do you import ur progress the other servers?
so i think i will have to wait and go to bed. hope the update will fix it.
thank you for the fast answers dudes.

yeah they dont care that you cant play there just worried about fixing hackers and making new maps and not trying to make it where the people who bought the game can actually fucking play