Rust Won't start

When I start my game I can see a dead smiley and then the game crashes

I have re-installed the game and installed the Microsoft updates and also added the launch options : -force-d3d11 and it still doesn’t work.

Don’t use -force-d3d11, leave launch options empty for now.

Did you install .NET Framework 4.5 (or 4.5.1)? If it’s already installed, repair it.

What are your system specs? And does it give you any errors when it crashes?

My system specs are :

Processor: i7 2600
Graphics card: Geforce gtx 680
Ram: 8MB
Harddrive: 2Tb
Motherboard: Z77A-G43 MSi Military class 3
OS: Windows 7 Home premium

No Errors

Do you have any security software installed?

yes, Microsoft Security Essentials, Help me plz

Have you done all your Windows Updates?

(P.S. I’m not a dev.)

Yh, I have

What happens if you try and launch the experimental version?

same thing

Try Downloading
Get vcredist_x86.exe

I have done that

help me

Just wanted to say goodluck with getting a fix. We have had the grey facepunch screen since June. Tried everything under the sun. And the mods here want to tell you its your router etc. Beings how we connect to over 100 other games through steam. I highly doubt its the router. Oh and it is more than just me. few buddies have the same problem since the june patch/update. It is obvoisuly a Rust problem they are neglecting to fix or focus on currently. What makes it even more annoying is the experimental server connects right up. Best of luck really hope to see you fix the issue

When do the mods ever post to try and solve problems for people? And especially when did one of them say it was a router issue?
No need to lie and throw random people under the bus for no reason. :zoid:

If Experimental works then play that instead. Otherwise, get over it. It’s alpha, move on and come back later.

Actually yes mods have replied and yes mods have said it was router issues. We have gone through this same issue for awhile now. Not throwing anyone under a bus here. To bad you can read a bit more on other forums here and understand it is an on going issue and mods have tried to help in the past. We have even had threads deleted for reasons unknown. Not sure whos in your corner or if youre brown nosing something, but my reply was very clear on what the mods told us. be a sport and do some reading.

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Oh yah. We understand it is ALPHA moreso than most. but a game that doesnt allow players to connect alpha or not is not acceptable.