rust wont work?

i recently bought rust and when i try to play it finishes with all the bar downloading then seems to just freeze any help / advice/ solutions?

Which server are you connecting too?

look at the post please… right now everything is being ddos’d

Well, at the time I’m pretty sure every server is offline due to a DDoS attack (no evidence, however).
This is probably why.

Seriously? Every single server?

who is ddosing it anyways? some butthurt little kid?

Ur unlucky to have buy the game atm.

ok guys thanks i was trying to get on US west but when is it due to be fixed?

We need to wait untill DDoS stop or a fix ?

I feel really bad for you and all the new buyers, you’re all expecting to play and come it at a really bad time when everything’s upside down. Unfortunately, nobody has a precise date when the servers will become functional again, sorry for the inconvenience.

Ok well thanks again BTW this game seems to have a REALLY good community