Rust wooden house foundation issues

So here’s the thing. I’ve built this same house on 4 different servers… And today after the reset, I can no longer build it. Maybe my measurements are off slightly, but that is super irritating.


First of all let me state. This is stupid. I can put this inside this mountain. How useless… Not that big of a deal, until I show you where I can’t put my foundations.


Really? I can’t put it there? Are you serious?


=( My housing design is ruined, and now there’s these useless foundations stuck here forever. Long term problem.

I believe the issue with that foundation placement is it is too high above the ground (specifically whatever is beneath that tile area), a foundation currently can only reach down X distance before it becomes an invalid placement.

Your screenshots of the foundation doesn’t actually show the important angle from the opposite side of placement. It looks like from the 2nd shot the placement is incredibly high and may not even touch the ground.

Also, rest assured home ownership is coming and you will be able to remove items eventually :slight_smile: