Rust Workshop YouTube Videos. You make it, I'll promote it!

I’ve been making YouTube videos for Rust skins and I have to say that you guys are doing an awesome job! Some of the skins I’ve seen have given me reason to not blow all my money on games and instead wait for skins. If any of you reading this are creators and would like a skin to be featured, feel free to hit me up on Steam (and message me lol) or comment on one of my YouTube videos with a link and I’ll check the skin out. I try to put a video out every couple days, so it may be a while before your skins “theme” is in a video again.

I also have a Creator showcase where the video highlights all of the creators work instead of just skins for one item. Its still a new series but if you guys have a bunch of awesome skins and would like a video to go with your workshop, I can look into what you have. Generally I need between 5 and 10 skins to make the video so if you have that you’re golden. The links are below.

Rust Community Showcase (skins based off items):

Rust Creator Showcase (skins by a specific creator):