Rust World Order - Adult Mature Admins Rust++ everything else is Vanilla Rust

name: Rust World Order

ip:port: example:

about: Found a great server and played on it for a couple of weeks. Then the admins stopped paying for the server. The last 3 days I have seen admins teleporting to my base just to say “hi”. An Admin heard me shooting a Shotgun and teleported to me and asked where I got it. I beat an admins friend 1 on 1 and then 5 mins later and Admin and 5 of his friends came to my shack and used explosive charges on my metal door, taunting and acting crazy. In all, my friends and I have tried 30 different community and modded servers. Everyone one of them had some type of admin abuse. So I decided to start a server where everyone can play and have fun with zero fear of admin abuse.

location: (us)southwest

pvp: yes

beginner-friendly: yes

seeking-admins: no

has-voice-server: yes in game

crafting-time-percent: normal

slots: 50

admin-power-usage: not used

admin-usernames: Gerald

sleepers: yes

airdrop-min-players: 15

server-launched: 2014-02-01 of when the server was launched.