Rust worth 50 $?

I thinking about buying Rust.

So i ask the Guys or Girls who have it already is it worth 50 Bucks or not?`



its pre alpha, i personally wouldnt pay 50$ for a prealpha

well its fun and i might have paid that if i didn’t have a key for cheaper, just wait a bit til it drops a bit lower (got a key for friend for 35$ so yeah…)

I don’t know why anyone would pay anything above $1 for a key, it’s ridiculous

well its a pre Alfa game meaning your a tester also you will be able to get the game on steam when it comes out . The finished product plus you support the hard working devs i would pay 30 dollors max

I would never pay 50$ for game ever.

Last time I bought gmod with tf2 for £10 and tf2 became free on the next day.

I cried myself to sleep

lifes a bitch and then you die :confused:

I wouldn’t even pay $15 for it.

Maybe 10, on a good day.

I’ve spent 35$ on it. Im playing it constantly since last Friday so far

Am I the only one who thought people would wait for the price to go down to atleast 10 dollars? When you could apply for beta acsess the website was down so I waited for the next day and it closed :confused: then when this auction happens it doesn’t go under 45 much :frowning: not trying to bitch or anything btw

If you can find someone who sells rust keys for 1$ id like to become his friend


You know. The game isn’t available for Alfa Romeo in car entertainment yet. Of course it’s pre-alfa!

Spent $48 on one today. They didn’t even drop below that.

Me too! They brought it really fast! , but i had to pay 10$ extra tax O_O…but , so be honest. 60$ are worth it. I had no other way too! and before people start hatting me and telling me im dumb idc , its my money.

Have a nice day my good sir(s) , a Rusty day… (Badumtsss) get it? Get it? hahahah…hah…ha…uh…uhr… D;

You people are hilarious.

It’s mind blowing that people will pay more than $10 to play this.

Well, it’s not like you over spent, GMod is that price normally so

It’s mainly due to montages and all the hype.