RUST Xbox Controller

Thought I’d share something I made ages ago. I know Rust isn’t on xbox, but it was simply a fun project of mine and I might of well share it with you if you wanted to see it or whatever.

I like it. Good work! :dance:

Thanks :slight_smile:

Besides the fact that rust should never be on a peasant box or incorporate peasant box controls looks nice though I think a red would fit better than a white

Why? Would it hurt your butt for a game to be playable on consoles? Protip: if it does, then simply dont play it on them.

To be honest if it was on console it would be fucking epic for anyone with a mouse

Rust wouldn’t be a bad console game. It just wouldn’t be as good as on PC like Minecraft.

Rust on consoles makes more sense on console than fucking DayZ.

Or perhaps it wouldn’t be cross platform?