Rust youtube video polices question

I am part of the network TGN and a partner and was wondering what the policies for youtube monitization are as my network has auto claim and I was going do do a few videos on rust to see if people may be interested in it. I see videos with big names already doing videos but I just wanted to ask before I do anything.

As far as I am aware you are allowed to upload it to YouTube and stream without any restrictions :slight_smile:

If you’re with a network you can claim pretty much anything and not need to worry about it, it’s more a concern if you’re not with a network, but I’m pretty sure it’s fine anyway.

My network has no gaming licences but is a gaming network that’s why I ask. But thank you. (Ya I know that’s odd lol)

Basically as long as you provide original commentary over your gameplay then everything is fine.

I don’t think Garry cares, he is (from my experience) a pretty chill guy. Go for it.