Rust Zombie "Replacement" Concept

I put Replacement in quotes simply because this concept will go far beyond just replacing zombies, it will change the Rust dynamic in every way. It is just an idea, and I want it to evolve, so if you hate it, love it, or see potential, speak your mind, and I’ll update the post. Any art is simply for inspiration, and is a mere cosmetic suggestion.

Anyways! So the idea is simply put is Mutants. But this is not some simple Zombie re-skin, because whats the point of selling your car to buy a new one, if all that changes is the color of paint. Too boring, there is much more potential.

This will be culture, a society, shunned by the events that led to the clouds of radiation that infect Rust. They think, and although they have lived in isolation, and are twisted by the environment they live in, they are still human. They hid in abandoned buildings, coming out at night to hunt, whether that be animals for food, or the people who once shunned them. They do not rely on technology, and can run faster, jump higher, and hit harder than the average human.

Although these people gather valuable materials, ignorant to their potential, they stock them in the buildings they’ve come to inhabit. They make spears and axes out of these findings misusing their potential. For example, a found circle saw (perhaps even still functioning) is ripped apart for the blade, and is attacked to wood and is used as a weapon. or perhaps a car rim ripped off and used as a shield, or even the camshaft is ripped out of an engine, and is used as the shaft for a spear. This means big loot for players, and although they sleep during the day, they awaken easy, and dozens can emerge from every crevice imaginable.

A raid is not something someone can do alone, and may encourage co-operation among strangers. If you settle too close, an attack may come at night, also encouraging players to settle close together. Establishing an us vs. them. Something missing in the game. Rust has been going through several ideas (such as mutated vegetation and robots) to clearly fill a npc role that zombies left vacant. This is what makes most sense to me. What about you?

Respond below!

Something like them?

Something similar! I like (at least what looks like) wires on that guys weapons, they would serve no purpose, but would show they dont understand their true use. This concept seems the most probable and reasonable solution, to me at least!

P.S. Those images are a little big, you should just leave the links or resize them.


Your comment may have been the most captivating, intellectual comment I have ever read. I would be surprise to find out that you didn’t graduate from Harvard, but only a Harvard scholar could EVER come up with a comment so . . . genius. I applaud you, and I hope to see more from you.

Reminds me of the slow muties in the Dark Tower series. nice

I would indeed like to see this.

Thanks for the feedback guys! Especially you Unemphatic :wink: but if anyone has any suggestions I’m all ears, and I’ll have to check out Dark Tower NexusOne

What if there were large groups of these that occasionally wander all over the map, and require either constant harrying by small groups or a major attack by a large alliance to destroy, and if they aren’t destroyed, they damage structures and break down wooden doors to raid you… Then use all your stuff to make themselves stronger.

Maybe if your base becomes large enough they will be attracted to you, and i like the idea that if they defeat you they become stronger, reminds me of the nemesis system in Shadow of Mordor, perhaps they could even remember you. Cool concept.

If caves are ever implemented, I would love to see these creature perhaps lurking in the depths. A combination of these and the proposed robots would be awesome to see, perhaps rather than mutants the creatures could be some sort of genetic experiment that escaped captivity during some sort of event and the island caretakers (the proposed robots) were security drones that went meant to control the subjects but went rogue after the island was abandoned, maybe player characters were test subjects that escaped into the island before they could be experimented on…


Looks Cool would be cool to see.
but i also want the vegetable`s and the mutand animals

i did like the idea of vegrtable 's but this idea could work as well

The vegetables were defintely interesting, although seemed a little farfetched to me, it’s just my opinion, but I’m not sure if i’d be able to take it seriously. I prefer this simply because its more probably, gritty, has a little horror to it, and would be more suitable to provide loot.

I liked the tree monsters, at night just seeing tree and have it end up attacking you is good parinoid gameplay. I also think some mini dinosaurs, giant leeches, sharks, alligators,hippos, and komodo dragons. Some very creepy scary mutants who attack at night would be nice. Id like it if night was actually “outlast” type of scary.

Definitely would be good, I believe at lot of the fear in that game comes from the fact that you have no way of defending yourself really. You are powerless essentially. Maybe making the mutants an extreme threat would mimic that, although you would have to be careful because when you die in Outlast all you lose is a few seconds, in Rust you lose everything.