Garrys mod and other face punch games have a “create server” button. Why can’t Rust??? i would love to play with just my friends (if i… had any) i would make Rust my main mmo if it had a “create server” or LAN

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I hate the way you worded this but I would like a “Create own server” like source engine games.

I’ll tell you exactly why, since you couldn’t search.

Rust isn’t finished, and that includes the server. Garry and the other devs are not ready to put the server up at the mercy of the Internet. It’s not ready, and it has bugs and flaws.

They are thinking about how they want to distribute the server files publicly, but this will not be for a while if it happens at all.


Thanks, i will try to articulate myself better next time :slight_smile:

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well thanks for the help, I’m just trying to raise support for the idea so it definitely gets integrated to the game