I feel robbed, after 5 hours Jump playing in the new actualzacion Same thing happened to me . Game Freezing , Restarting the Self and window with a message that said Ban . You really me you’re going to steal access access to my game? I have over 500 hours in this game recorded and never in my life Use illegal content since neither I know not interest me. If you do not send a test program I was using at the time " HACK " I will denounce steal access servers RUST.

(User was permabanned for this post ("cheater" - Orkel))

Well, you’re gonna be getting something in a bit…

What does that mean? I want proof of my block.

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Many coincidence that after several freezes in the game because of the new update tell me I’m banned. RIDUCILO


Motherfuckers , ye going to laugh at your dead

Spanish message: Primero que nada, no es el lugar indicado para escribir este tipo de comentarios, si quieres que te re-integren el acceso a Rust, tendrás que ir a la aplicación en sí y reportarlo a Steam, creo yo, si no por lo menos tomate el tiempo de escribir en la zona de Rust y no en la zona de Garry’s Mod, ya que acá no encontrarás la respuesta o solución a tu problema.

English message: First of all, this is not the right place to write this kind of comments, if you want to get back your Rust access, you will have to go to the app on steam and report that to steam, or w/e is in charge of that, at least take your time to write in the correct Node, this is Garry’s Mod area, related to god stuff only so i don’t think you will get a reply or solution to your problem.

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