Rustafied Server Admin is abusive.

So I have been playing on Rustafied servers for a long time now. Under the name NES. Today I was kicked for being a part of a clan that kicked off the server several months ago. The thing is, I am not a part of the clan. I joined it the wipe in which they got kicked, I wasn’t banned with them then because i had just joined. I left the clan since then becuase I liked playing on their servers. Today I get kicked with the reason being “SM”. I proceeded to join their TS where I was gonna try and talk to someone to find out why I was kicked for being part of a clan ( even though I am not ) and I was instantly banned from the TS. I find this unprofessional and also abusive. I just thought since i have no way to state my case in any other form i would come here and maybe even warn people of the kind of things that servers admins pull.

They pay for their servers, they can do as they please, it’s the cold hard truth.

They can, and people can voice their complaints to inform others of their practices.

Right, but if you want any credibility, abusive isn’t the word to use.

you can definitely provide feedback. but “abuse” isn’t really appropriate here.

Provide feedback: Yes.
Call them abusive: No.

Like others have stated it is their server, they can do as they please.

Play on the orb server it shits all over rustafied.

Why here?

Maybe you should direct your appeal to the Rustafied team …