Rustalicious - The ultimate server in RUST - Now playing "You're Dead, No He's Dead"

To connect in Rust, press F1 the copy/paste the following to connect:

Fresh install of Rust Server on 07/05/2014, running Vanilla

Rules and Other Information:

This server is run by an Adult Admin, who will not abuse his powers.
The Admin does actively play the game and monitors the server.
Cheaters / Hackers will not be tolerated on this server and will be banned.
Hate speech, bigotry, and racism will not be tolerated at all.

The Server has the Following Features:

Cheat Punch Enabled
PVP enabled
Sleepers enabled
Half Durability
Half Crafting
Air drops Each Hour @ 5 Users
Vanilla build, no MODS

Looking for dedicated players currently have room for 50, Server will be managed no server wipes are planned unless RUST is updated.


Got some new folks playing yesterday, why not come join us today? :slight_smile:

Looking for ideas on increasing user count on server, post here what you would like to see enabled on the server that would make you want to play on it.

More people are joining, why not come have some fun!!

Updated the server features.

Server is starting to get more and more active, but could definitely use some more players to make things interesting :slight_smile:

Server has been wiped and reverted to Vanilla

Seems to be a hit this vanilla shit… slow durability and fast crafting = lots of fun and major blood shed!! think you are tops? Come prove it !!