Rustalyptic -[US] Wiped 3/13 |PVP|Noob Friendly|Active Admins

How To Connect:
Press F1 when the game has loaded and copy and paste the following:

We’re a newer server with about 10-15 people that play on it regularly. We’re looking for new players to enjoy the game with. Feel free to stop in, we do have a /kit starter that gives people a basic starting items to assist them on the new server. We also do have a /kit build to help new players to start up. So stop by and join up with us and bring your friends :slight_smile:

About Us:
We are a group of seasoned gamers that came from all walks of gaming. From Hardcore MMOs to Casual players. We are a group that only plays for the fun and the love of the game. We are a helpful group with very good members. You can find us through our Steam Group

We are also available through our Public Teamspeak:

**Right now we are offering a $50 Gift Card Giveaway for all of our members. (Newegg, TigerDirect or Amazon). Entries end on 3/24/2014 **

What we do for our members:
• Offer regular giveaways ( Gift Cards, Games other fun things )
• A friendly and fun atmosphere to play
• Teamspeak

Server Info:
• No Lag
• Wiped 3/13
• Chicago, IL
• PvP
• Sleepers

• Admins are a group of like minded individuals
• While they do play their roles are limited to what they can do (Mostly kick/ban)
• Zero admin abuse.
• Admins take community suggestions on improving server and game play for everyone.

• Oxide
• Building Remover ( Allows you to remove your own structures )
• Starter Kit - Basic Kit that can be used twice
• Door Share
• Player Location ( Coordinates )
• Private Messaging
• Death Handler - Announces how you died.
• AirDrop Frequency - based upon population of server.

• Custom Server Side Anti-Cheat

We will be hosting community events in the future with user voted wipes only.
We as well will be looking into hosting other servers in the future as well! Join a growing community today!

We are also on these other communities!

If you have any questions about the community or the server please email me or PM me. (

Join and play with us today!

Arena is built and ready for player events. Prizes will be announced when we start each event.

Starting up a community event tonight for the steam group =)