RustBros|24/7|Sleepers[Dallas] Looking for Players.[3 DAY OLD MAP]

Hey Facepunchers!

Just wanted to put our server out there and hopefully get some more traffic currently we have about 6 or so regular players on the server throughout the day and we would like to increase that number substantially!

We are a laid back server and pretty much anything goes we have three rules that i will list below under the server details.

Those people worried about admin abuse the only RCON Command that is used is Ban and that is only for Hacking/Glitching with the required video proof Crying in global chat may lead to a kickā€¦

Server Wipes will usually happen on every major rust update and usually on a Friday so more people have a chance to not fall so behind.

Slots Currently: 50 (If the server becomes close to capacity, we will add more slots!)
Server Name: RustBros|24/7|Sleepers[Dallas]
Server IP: net.connect


  1. No Hacking
  2. No Glitching
  3. No Crying

Hope to see you guys there!

Forums and Website coming soon will update post with links when it is available.

Ooo I like the No crying rule, Ill check it out.