RustCraft & Global Z NOW ONLINE! PvE/PvP

Now that I have your attention, my name is Dallan. But you can call me “Wolf”. I am currently running two ‘Rust.’ servers under the titles “RustCraft | PvE, No Sleep” as well as “Global Z | PvP, Sleep”. They are not all that fancy, however I am dedicated to them, as well as they are 24/7 servers. The website will evolve, and so will the server alongside the community within.

Long story short, I want to populate these two servers which are very differently oriented.
-RustCraft I I’m hoping for this server to be something of a sandbox server where people just enjoy building cool stuff together.
Type this into your F1 command prompt:

-RustCraft II (Formerly Global Z) was originated after I finally watched ‘World War Z’. I loved the pure chaos in the movie, so therefore this server is an “anything goes” server. Destroy and pillage anybody, there are no rules. (Other than NOT being a hacking/cheating turd).
Type this into your F1 command prompt:

These servers are both very new and may have some bumps along the way, as Rust. itself in still in Alpha stages. I’m still very excited to bring you all these 2 servers, and I want to create something with you guys. Servers by the players, for the players.

RustCraft Official Page


Thank you for your time,
Dallan (IGN: Wolf)

Apparently I missed updating Global Z today. I apologize, and the servers are both up and running.

Sorry for any inconvenience. :c

Server News:
Both RustCraft and Global Z have been ranamed to “RustCraft I PvE, No Sleep” & “RustCraft II PvP, Sleep

-Thought it would be easier for people to make the connection, than just seeing two seemingly different owned server.

Hope to see more people on, as the servers are usually pretty dead. I guess that’s what comes with a sudden influx of kiddies buying server hosting with their allowance though…

Such as yourself…

Weird, and here I thought I had a job.