RustCraft (PVP+Economy+Instacraft+Kits+Active Admins)

Hey Guys i was just coming on here to say that we recently bought a server and are trying to get more players, thus why im on here.
Just letting everyone know that we currently have 4 admins and are looking for some more just for extra protection for the server.
We have our own forums which you can chat to the admins and other members and also tell us your ideas and we will try to implement them into the server.
The website is

We also are implementing donations so you can help pay for the server and if you do this you will be rewarded on the game
you can also purchase in game items through the forums.

We are always on and you can contact us anytime through the forums or in the game and we are always willing to help.
There are many more mods on the way and if you like or dislike them just let us know.

The Server IP is

Instructions on how to enter:
1.Open Rust
2.Click F1 to open the console
3.type in Net.connect
4.You’re in the server!!

We hope to see you in the server soon!!!•