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Welcome to RustDayz!


We (us admins) were a group of players just like you, we encountered hackers, exploiters and abusive admins along the way of playing rust… A LOT! So we decided enough was enough and got this server so people can play without any of the problems we all encounter on this game.

We are Non-Player Admins to ensure there is no admin abuse… We dedicate our time to catching hackers and giving you all a place where you can call home (without it being hack/exploit raided) If you are subject to any loss to hackers/exploiters we will compensate you fro your lost goods!

A few of mods for you are:

Kits - So you have a little help to get you started
Remove - You can now get rid of that misplaced pillar!
Arena - We host events a lot so come join in
Autolocation - Never get lost again!
Base Alarm - Alerts you if something of yours is destroyed
Door Sharing - Never fall foul of that door code cracker again!
Economy - A marketplace to spend your InGame money
Jail - Any naughty players will be sent here!
Voter - Vote for us and receive rewards

Our server also runs the Explosions Plug-In to control the power of C4 and F1’s… (So your base is a little more secure)

A few of our mods for us:

Deny Foundation - No more loot under foundations
Antispeed hack - Our system will auto kick SpeedHackers and Flyers
Probe - So we can tell who griefed you!
plus many more

As with most servers we have a set of rules to keep our server great, please observe the following :

Goes without saying: No hacks or Exploits*
No Griefing**
No Racism
No Extreme Language that can be defined as Vulgar
No Advertising (Auto Kick)
ALL instructions given by staff MUST be followed!

Anyone with a VAC ban on record under 366 days will be Auto Kicked by the system.

  • Hacks and Exploits are defined but not limited to giving a player an unfair advantage over other players (Exploits include but are not limited to ; PillarCading, Ramp Stacking, Animal force Fields (Ducking inside dead animals to not take damage from attacks), Wall Looting/Glitching, Rock Bases, Super Jumps)

Anyone hacking WILL be banned!

‘Most’ exploits will reward you with a warning - Second time is a Ban!

** We consider Griefing but not limited to the following ; Trapping players inside bases (unless the item is breakable without explosives), Intentionally sabotaging someones ability to build, Harassing Players : A degree of Griefing is allowed when raiding using Explosive Charges.


Anyone joining in next 24 hours will get 100 wood planks.



we have an average of 20+ players now.

Come join in!