RustDedicated.exe and Kernel Patch Protection


I’m getting this
"Rust Launcher Error:LoadingError - EasyAntiCheat cannot run if Kernel Patch Protection has been

_Message, everytime I want to start Rust through Steam and join my server while my RustDedicated.exe (-batchmode) is running.

I wanted to set-up a personal dedicated Server for me and my friend through that steamcmd standard stuff to try things out.
It worked before the last patch.

The Error does NOT appear when I play Rust normally without RustDedicated.exe running in the background.

Im a bit new into this stuff and would be grateful for help and suggestions.



Could you add me in Steam ( for quickly checking what’s happening? Running RustDedicated server is something beyond the scope of this check, sounds very strange.

I added you on steam.

I just started getting this issue on load of the game. Nothing to do with dedicated server.