Rusted Civilization - Project A (Social project server)

Hey everybody!

Me and some other players at a server decided to get together, and start a project;
create organized civilization. By that, we wanted to create an entire city with hundred of players online at the same time! Too bad it’s not possible with the current optimization, nor the playercount…

What we did manage though, was to create a few houses along the road.

As we began to build there, more and more people joined the server, and built their own houses/appartments.

Right now there is about 60 - 80 residents sleeping/online in the town-area.

Here are some screenshots of how it looks so far:


We’re also hosting daily events, really unique ones in some cases.
We’re going from the A - Z regarding events. Name it 10 vs 10 with rocks, or big road above ground, where you have to jump to the end, for your survival.

Check the screenshots below.


Since the first town has gotten quite populated, and there isn’t space to build any new houses, we decided to make a “suburb” of the town.

If you are a new player/looking for a very organised server, jump right in!

Everybody can join the town, new or old player.

PvP is ON, so be careful! If any PvP is done/seen in town (to harm another player), you will be expelled from the town, and you will most likely not get permission back inside again.

I’m really looking forward to seeing this project whether it be successful or not, I’m really excited. It started out with a lot of piece between people, then it bursted out in a war between the town vs a bunch of raiders, and as it is right now, it’s all quiet in town (peace), but outside of town is beginning to look less pretty…

To join the server, look for “Rusted Civilization - Project A”

Or do it the easy way:

Press F1 (console)

Type in:


Hit enter.

Thank you for reading, and hope to see you in-game and participate in the project!

(User was banned for this post ("again, stop making new threads about your server. and stop making alts to bump the threads and compliment you, too." - postal))

Awesome Server!
Very friendly people that help you start out. Btw nice building skills, the town is good.

I love this server! I have been on it since I got rust i love the people on it and the admins. Keep up the good work!

I agree. If u have been frustrated playing Rust so far, you should join us on this server.
Here i actually had time to learn the basics of Rust, because at least as long you stay in town you won’t be shot at sight.

This server is great. The community is incredible. It’s really refreshing to get on a server where people don’t just shoot you in the face as soon as they see you.

love this server with all of my heart it has great community and its a good servercome join us!

Awesome server :smiley: Love it <3


This server is awesome. I lived on here for 4 days havent got raided! The town is Super big and nice!