Rusted Empire! Custom Loot! AD@5players! No A$$holes!

In game, press F1 and paste: net.connect

== Server last wiped on Feb 16th. New players have PvP protection for 3 hours ==


Thank you for your interest in our server! Rusted Empire is an established Rust community developed to create the gaming environment preferred by our members. The backbone
of our server is our proprietary slow progression system which combines a variety of in-game features to balance the rate at which players acquire weapons, armor, and other
useful items. Server hop players looking for quick thrills have no place here. Our progression system has been extensively tested and remains among top ranked loot systems.
We also have a great combination of Oxide plugins to enhance gameplay in a number of different ways. Please see the full list of server details below for more information.

Our server was designed with three main goals:

  1. Balance the game for players at all levels.
  2. Make game progression last longer than a few hours.
  3. Add a feeling of value to rare items. Every bullet counts and death is something to avoid.


Rust is a community based game that relies on player interaction in every aspect of gameplay. We currently have a close knit group of 20+ players that have made our server their home. To both enhance
player interaction and provide easy access to server information we have recently created a Steam Community page. Check it out here!


  • Server Location: DAL - Good ping for US players
  • PvP
  • Sleepers
  • Crafting: 1/2
  • No craft: Flares, M4, Research Kits
  • Airdrops once per game day when above 10 players
  • Economy, Banking, & Bounties
  • Missions
  • Leave tickets for admin help
  • Death Messages
  • Chat History
  • Ping
  • Private Messages
  • Player and Server Stats
  • Starter Kit with hatchet and food (type ‘/kit starter’)
  • Auto-Location (use for tracking)
  • Groups
  • Removal Tool
  • Daily arena events


  1. Be respectful
  2. No griefing
  3. No taunting