Rusted [Fresh Server - Dallas - Active Admins - PVP - Sleeper]

Heys guys!
Me and my friend have created a new server, that is located in Dallas, and we need players to join in! All of the Airdrops, Crafting Time, Sleeping, and PvP are all default so nothing is changed and it is a fresh server. We are also looking for staff so join in whole you can.
When in Rust, hit F1 and type in “net.connect” (No Quotations)

Thanks for reading and hope to see some of you guys there!

(User was banned for this post ("missed the servers subforum" - postal))

good server!

I can confirm that server is legit. Runs great, two active admins, and the best part is … I’m looting without the worry of being killed! If you just bought RUST, you need to join this server so you can experience the game without the worry of running into a hundred people.

BUT HURRY! It will fill up rather quickly.

Bump. We have a few active members and we still need more. It is a great experience for new people starting the game or if you are looking a server where everyone is friendly.