Rusted - online server admin RCON tool - need a few beta testers

EDIT: The site is no longer available for sign-ups (explained in my final post in this thread). There are many other good tools out there that actually support experimental Rust, just do a search. Thanks for everyone who gave their kind words regarding this tool, I hope to work on other projects like this in the future. Peace.

So I’ve been working diligently on a web-based RCON admin tool to help alleviate the annoyances of dealing with typing in commands.

It has a lot of the same features as some other tools available, but the nature of it being online makes possible some unique features that, at least for me as an admin, have been very helpful, and will continue to get better.

> Players list with Kick/Ban, teleport, items & item sets
> Map that lets you teleport yourself around
> Live chat
> Server settings like Time, day length, airdrop, etc

Edit: The website is now open to public sign ups.
Edit: Rusted now has live console feed and live chat from your server, so the whole site runs faster and you can see what’s going on more clearly. Some server mods change things so let me know if you see anything unusual.

>>> You can try it out at and follow updates @RustedCC

Screenshots below:

Hi there. I don’t know how to pm you, but i want to beta test this wonderful tool, ill add you to my steam contact and talk to you there. I have some ideas for Rust rcon.

Ill join in as well, couldn’t seem to find the PM button in your profile.

I think you need to add me as a friend in Steam to do a PM. You can also email support[at]rusted[dot]cc if you want :slight_smile:

Wow. Genius idea to add the map for a much faster way to check scenes out At certain parts of the map for various reasons (hackers etc.) honestly I will have to give it a try!

Thanks, yeah I hope to do even more with that map in the future. It’s been pretty handy for me so far.

If its possible, maybe some kind of RCON bound airdrop timer would be nice. based on in game day. Nice work!

Great idea Daruyuki. That thought had crossed my mind but I since forgot it. Adding it to my Trello now.

Looks like it has lots of potential. I pm’d you in steam!

Thanks. Since the first post I’ve added a bans page where you see your bans list and can unban them individually. Also the option to set day and night length in minutes. Still a work in progress and still could use more testers :slight_smile:

The response so far has been great.

Screenshots to illustrate the improvements:[/T]


Just added the ability to filter the items on the Items page. Should speed up the process of preparing Sets quite a bit. The site has now been tested to work in the 3 major browsers, as well as the Steam in-game browser, and the latest Chrome for Android.

Bump for an amazing Admin. Help him test this tool!

I second this. Usually with beta programs like this I try to squeeze out multiple bugs but I truly can say I haven’t found one yet.
Everything is working as I suppose it is intended and definitely has made my life easier. Thanks Smiley =O)

Quick question :
On the map are multiple arrows as well as blue dots…can you explain what that is?

is it safe to use?
i know rusty is but im suspicious on lack of tested tools

The arrows are more prominent locations like Small Rad Town, and Hanger. The little blue dots are just more points you can teleport to. I will eventually revise the map to be more clear on what’s going on, but for now it’s just a good way to get around the map quickly.

Hector, I like the way you think. I have an immediate suspicion of any program that I have to run directly on my computer; never know if it’s a virus. Rusty indeed seems legit. Since I’m a web developer, I figured it was a natural thing for me to develop a website, so this worry of getting a virus is eliminated. I suppose you never can truly trust another person, but at least you’ll know my software can’t infect your computer :slight_smile:

Thanks for letting me try it. so far I really like it! Now that chat is there I can’t see anything that’s missing. Not sire why still in beta.

ill try it out for you.

I’ll give it a try :slight_smile:

I want to testing that ! so pretty cool !!!