RustESC 30/8 / No Wipe / Anti-Cheat / Airdrop 10 / Kits / 1/2C

Wiped, RustESC 13/9

Brand new server owned by ESC, we have kits, we have friendly and active events.
And the good thing about this server? THERE’S NO WIPE!
Our friendly admins usually do events and call for airdrops often, so join us!
If you did, enjoyed your time… invite your friends! Because we:-

Press F1 inside the game, a panel will pop up. Type this into the panel net.connect

Door Share!
use /share to share your door with an individual.

/Vote in-game to get some rewards.

/gcreate to create your own group, invite your friends and make your own clans.

HALF the craft time.

No durability.

REMOVE TOOL - Use /remove and hit one of your structures to remove the structure and put it back in your inventory.

Death Handler - Once you die by something or someone, it displays how you died and who killed you.

Visit our website for more information: -

great server to start on.eveyone’s welcome!

Kind and helpful moderators, great server and great community, I don’t reccomend many server’s but this one is a BIG** +1** for sure!

agree to that!

This server got real good active admins, who constantly are working to please the players, like fixing lag problems instantly etc. Also many good pvp events, with good prices!

I have played like 7-10 servers. This one stands out positive in all ways! New players also get kit starter, and kit hunter wich gets you going on in the beginning, and if you vote on the server you get free stuff as well.

If you are looking for a really good server, this is the one for you!

Really good server with really nice admins and nice people too play.


Fixed all the lags! The server is now with limited explosives.You can still craft c4 but the explosives can only be found in the air drops! This will give everyone equal chance of surviving! Come join in!

can u install plugins for better protection like sleepover, anti wall loot, anti rock base etc ?

We got anticheat, also fresh wiped RustESC 13/9 / The Tittle msg wont change for some reasons ;-; will be happy if an admin changed it