RustEssentials Opinions & Videos

The point of this thread is to provide people with a place to voice their opinion about some of the features, settings, and future of RustEssentials.
If you don’t know what RustEssentials is, check out the thread here.

Feel free to voice your opinion as a mod creator, a plugin author, a server owner, or a player. I need the perspectives and opinions of the majority to better the mod and the experience for everyone using it/playing in a server that uses the mod.

I’ll occasionally kick off a discussion with a video of a new feature. Simply discuss that video/feature, previous videos/features, or anything RustEssentials related you want to talk about.

Please help me out with this stuff! It’s hard to know what people want because I usually don’t here the opinions of the players, only the server owners. If you see something on the trello that you think I should prioritize, please let me know.

#1: LightsOut: Implemented in v1.7.0.9 (v1.7.0 Dev Build 9)

LightsOut is a feature that gives users the ability to light up their house or surroundings without the need for wood or low grade fuel. When you place a furnace or camp fire, the mod recognizes it as a “Light.” With the use of “/lights on”, two things can occur. If you are outside, lights within a default range of 50 meters will turn on without the need for wood or low grade fuel. If you are inside a foundation supported house, all the lights in that house will turn on.
However, there are a few catches. Each person can only have up to a default of 20 lights, owned by them, lit. Each foundation supported house can only have up to a default of 30 lights lit. If a user who already has 20 lights lit attempts to use “/lights on”, they will be told that they have reached the maximum. If they use “/lights on” with 15 lights activated, for example, the mod will notify them that a few lights couldn’t be lit. If a house already has 30 lights lit, no more lights can be lit inside that house.
As stated before, lights do not require any sort of fuel to do their duty. However, if a light contains fuel, that fuel will be used as normal - cooking/smelting the materials inside the light’s inventory. If there is no fuel in the light’s inventory, materials will not be cooked/smelted.

What do you think of this feature?
Could it be improved? How so?
What would you add/remove/change?

Feel free to ask questions or suggest things.