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Hello everyone! I’m here to announce the release of a new community website,! Ran, managed, and hosted by players of Rust itself. Featuring per-server forums, custom ranking, and server status tracking, we just know is the home for you! even has their OWN RUST SERVER! Search for "(US) // … " in the ‘Community’ server tab in the game client to find us!

But this is the official forums? Why would we go to another website?

We felt that these forums are a bit clustered at the moment. We want players to be able to chat with each other casually, and to know which server they’re each from, etc.

Are you allowed to use the Rust logo since you are not affiliated with the actual game?

We don’t need a second forum, THAT is what we call cluttered.


Regardless, It’s redundant to go off and create another forum if a official one already exists. Not to mention the fact that you are a December 13er with only 2 posts, your credibility is literary nothing at this point.

I agree having server defined sub forums could be usefull…

he wants to me a staff!
apply to be staff on FP
make own forum
advertise on official forum
he lives the staff life now boiz

Everyone can hold their own opinion – As I stated above, I’m not trying to copy FacePunch in any way, I just implemented some features I wish were available on the “official” forums.

As for the GFX, I give credit for it in footer :).