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This Rust server was created intentionally to allow people play the game with no hackers/cheaters or admin abusers on the server. The current staff have limited access which is still gives them the ability to kick and ban. This power is taken seriously however, and we only plan to ban/kick people that are disruptive to the game. This server was created because we got tired of being banned because we killed the admin of a server. If you kill me, my first response is going to be to hunt you down, not ban you from the server!

The staff and original players of this server are extremely noob friendly. We want people to come here and build a home and thrive so we have competition. We welcome people who want to have a fun time fighting other small sized groups of players.

The server is planned to wipe roughly once a month. The last wipe was around .

This server is running the latest version of the Oxide mod.


Location: Dallas, USA
Player Slots: 50
PvP: On
Sleepers: On
Crafting Speed: Instant
Decay Rate: 1 Week
Airdrops: On


Economy- Gain money when killing a player, stash your money as paper in your base!
Remove- You are allowed to remove structures you have places, and even get the resources back!
Custom- Recipes Explosive charges are harder to craft!
Multiple Homes
Player Stats
Door Share
Decay Rate-1 week
No Durability
Player List
Chat History
Report To Admin

This is a New Server (3/5)

If you have any questions add me on Steam gm0ney

Official website:

Nice server, active admins and friendly community! Everyone knows everyone and the admins are nice(: Good mods!

come on in:D


O.M.G I have NEVER seen such an AMAZING server in all my hours of playing rust, and trust me I have played this game a lot, maybe a little to much… but thats besides the point. This server is fantastic and the admin(s) are great I hope to be as lucky as them one day and be admin of such a great server. There are no hackers and all in all people are pretty friendly. lots of fun I would highly recommend this server so dont be shy join this server and I hope to see you in game. Happy hunting fellow rusties.

Thank you thank you;D

come thru!

active :smiley:


Terrible Server, constant admin abuse against people trying to start out. Not to mention every poster above joined facepunch just to promote their own server.