RustGate Bridge Work in Progress

edit: Hey everyone, I have completed my RustGate project. It had taken me a total or 22 Hours ingame to farm and create this massive project. I estimate it took around 2,000,000 stone to finish. I had alot of fun creating and building it. Here is a complete gallery of it. A video tour is to come shorty once youtube finishes uploading it. You can always check it out in person on Rusty Simworld. For easy navigation go to and login in with steam. The bridge starts at S12 and ends on V14.

Hello every one, a little backround on myself. I’ve always loved to build, Lego was and still is a great hobby of mine, but oddly enough I’ve never played mine craft. Instead I choose Rust. Now I’ve played Rust since legacy. I mostly screwed around on there building towers that took minutes to fall down. And the typical stuff like that, but with the new Rust I’ve decided to try something new. And this is my biggest undertaking so far

The bridge spans an inlet on the map. It’s 270x7. Now I’ll say this. It is possible to build this on a normal server but it would probably take years. I’m building it on a modded server Rusty has x20 gather and no stability. Now not an admin so no flying or instant resources for me. I’ll be updating this thread as I go and get closer to finishing it. So far I have about 10 hours building it. And I’ve got a lot more to go. Hope you enjoy.

lol that’s effing awesome


I did more work on it last night, but I forgot to take some screen shots. I’ll upload them tonight after I’m done.Thanks for the replies.

New pictures taken from tonight.
Come check it out on Rusty Simworld.
for those using the Rust Live map website the bridge starts at Section S12

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Nice work completely awesome.