Rustgrove Australia, home of The Brawlers. Pvp. Sleepers. Airdrops. Events.
(If the banner states that the server is offline, then unless stated otherwise in this forum, it is just asleep and waiting for people to join in)

Welcome all!

All the important details first up;

This servers IP:

**(For those of you that do not know, if you log into the main lobby, you can join the server without having to hunt it down in the lists by pressing F1, then entering the following into the console and pressing enter…)


Server name: Rustgrove Australia, home of The Brawlers. Pvp. Sleepers. Airdrops. Events.

Current Admin: Harkulka, pizzaman890

Website: Under Development, Keep checking back for updates.

Link to Newbie Navigational Map (Credit to luckymou for this):

Okay! Hey everyone! Let me give you a quick rundown of the server settings (in case you just want me to get to the point):

Pvp Active
Sleeper Active
Airdrops available (Min. 20 players)
Regular events
Locked bags enabled

Now, for all you people who would like to get a little more detailed… Details.

This server IS Pvp active, so you are likely to get shot at by someone at some point in time, but do not dismay! There are friendly players out there, so group up with your buddies to increase your
chances of survival. The more the merrier!

Sleepers are active, for those who do not know what this means, when you log out of the server, your character will become “Unconscious” for the period that you are logged out for. This allows
other players to attack and kill you while you sleep and take your things. It is VITAL that you make yourself a secure home to log yourself out in to avoid death by dismemberment. This makes the game itself
a little more tricky then just “Gather resources and kill people”, but hey, welcome to post-apocolyptia!

Airdrops will happen, but they will primarily be kept for special events hosted on the server. This also depends, of course, on how many people are on/present at the time.

And finally, as mentioned before, “Special Events” will be hosted on the server from time to time. I plan to run (at least) a weekly event. For example, every Saturday, SOMETHING is going
to happen that will earn someone or, some people, some goodies. I will be planning to do this on weekends, but that is still up for discussion.
For those of you who are saying "Hey! What exactly will happen in these “Special Events”?. Well, here are some events I have in mind.

Hunt the Admin

One or more Admin will be picked out to head this event. They decide what is going to happen, if they start from scratch, nothing but a Rock, 2 Bandages and a Torch,
or if they start the event with whatever is on them at the time. When the event starts, the admin either go about doing there thing, like ordinary players,
gathering resources, make buildings, whatever takes their fancy at the time, or they prepare for the fight of their life! Everyone else on the server has to track them down
and assassinate them, by means of brute force or cunning, sniping or backstabbing, bluffing or intimidating. Whoever kills the admin(s) gets to loot their corpse, and keep whatever is on them at the time.
Sometimes, the admin may have special items on them for the taking! Either work as a team and split the loot, or go down the path of the Lone Wolf and keep everything for yourself. But take care, the admin
too might team up if the odds are against them.

Hidden Stash

One admin will place a hidden stash somewhere in the game. Using the forum(s) and some in game attention, find the location of said hidden stash, and earn yourself some goodies!

Alterations of space and time

We admin may pick a day and say, hey, insta-craft for a few hours, or maybe it wont be insta-craft, maybe it will be no falling damage, or perma-day.
Some might be a little more challenging then others, like “Real 24 hour time”, where at midnight we set the in game time scale so it takes a whole day to go through a day and night cycle, then we set
the in game time to midnight, giving you plenty of time to enjoy not only the daytime, but also some sweet sweet time alone in the dark, so you can have a little snuggle time with your favorite zombie. (Oh wait, never mind)

Also in the works is some arena matches, both large and small scale, ranging from warehouse shoot-offs to nighttime forest black ops, objective game types such as capture the flag and king of the hill.
We will keep you up to date with how this is developing.

We will run the events by popularity and would love to have your input about events on which should stay and which will go. We are also open to new event ideas and are more than happy to read/listen to any suggestions you will have.

Our home clan is The Brawlers and we would love to host some clan battles in the future, so don’t hesitate to team up with your mates and gather under a banner, united against all your foes.

All players are welcome to the server, from brand spanking new players (whom we are happy to lend a hand and some advice to get you on the road to surviving your time in this post-apocalyptic wasteland
we call home), to hardened veterans, friendly players to cold blooded killers.
Every person is welcome to leave their mark on the server, either being remembered as the greatest hero of all time, or the darkest villain known to man.

If you feel I have missed any details about the server you would like to see in this post, let me know and I’ll adjust it as necessary. We hope you enjoy your time on the server, and would love for you
to contact us admin (in game or through the forum) to give us your input and feedback. Don’t forget to check in on the Newbie Navigational Map (Link at top of post) if you keep finding yourself
getting lost, I know it helped me a ton when I first started.

Happy hunting!

Looks like a sick server. Can’t wait to see what you do with the game modes.

The server has been reset today, but will not be reset again hereafter. Starting this sunday, we will be starting weekly events! =D This coming sunday (16/2/14) at around 6pm we will be running a “Hunt the Admin” event. Be there or miss out on some awesome gear!

Tomorrows event will be a treasure hunt! Make sure you keep an eye on the forum and in game for your hints to the treasure! The event will start around 6pm (Sydney time).

I would like to congratulate “pizzaman890” for becoming an admin to the server. This trustworthy lad will help you anytime he can, so say hi to him if you see him around. I wish you much happiness in your admin career.
On another note, this weeks up and coming event will be an arena shootout! Details will be posted tomorrow. For now, Happy hunting everyone!