Base Building Contest - Teaser Trailer

Greetings everyone! Jediaelthewise here.

Here at we want to provide the Rust community with many resources, guides and lessons they need to become better rust players. We host these guides on our website along with our official creative server to give you guys the chance to experiment with everything in the game.

What we are looking to do here is host a structure contest for base building. The idea is that we will have participants build a base which will be judged by our judges panel. These bases will be scored and rated based on how resistant they are to raiding. We will have an ongoing leaderboard that tallies these scores and shows off the highest ranking base designs. We will also stream these contests with announcers and video footage.

Overall we hope that it can serve as a creative an fun platform for people to learn about bad building, what works and what doesn’t. We hope that it will be equally enjoyable to participant in as well as watch.

You can find out more information on our website at under the events section “base building contest.” All the official rules are there. If you have further questions, comments or suggestions, you may email me at