Official Creative Server - Tons of Kits - Teleport - Remove Tool


Visit our website for a full list of kits

Greetings! Jediaelthewise here from

We enjoy providing the Rust community with all the tools they need to become better base builders and rust players. One way we want to help you is thru this creative server.

We have all sorts of kits ready for you to experiment with any and every kind of build. We even have weapon and C4 kits so if you want to build a base and then try raiding it yourself, you are free and able to do so.

We also have remover tool and teleport commands to make things easy for you to correct issues and group with your friends.

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions, drop me a line at

Hey you may want to change net.connect to net.connect

When you try to use what you wrote by copying and pasting it will come back with an error because there needs to be a “:” for the port.