Rustic Metrocop

:siren:not hexed:siren:

Very plain, flat textures. Needs work

I need as many crits as possible; this is my first almost complete reskin.

It’s kinda…ugly. It’s just not hitting my tastes.

Ughh, the textures are so flat.

Needs nice bumpmaps.

I don’t know how to fabricate normal maps on my own, but I have a tool for it but they always turn out so plasticy.

that is not what it needs

Textures are very very plain and flat.

A bit more detail wouldn’t hurt.

Great normal maps can make a model look much better. CoD4 textures, for example, were pretty damn flat. With some nice bumpilys and specular maps, they looked better.

Attempted to make some normal maps, didn’t get to test them out in-game though, be free to see if they actually look good.

Mom! I told you not to buy me a sweater for Christmas!

It looks rather plain. That sweater needs some bump maps.

No, it needs artifical shading via the correct use of dodge and burn supplumented by normalmaps and phong.

This, the edges of the texture need to be dodged and burned.

consider making the vest and sweater the same texture, as if it’s one piece.


I like the fuzzy Christmas-y sweater texture, but aside from that, I’m at a loss for words. :v:

needs ambient occlusion rendered on

Bad, looks as if it’s made of that horrible fuzzy nylon shit that hurts your teeth if you accidentally bite it