Rustic Nights [Dallas, US] HFB Servers [OXIDE||DoorShare||Rare C4/RareMilitary||Custom Economy||PvP+TakeMoney||Sleepers]

Welcome to Rustic Nights… (Started 1/19)

We are a new server! We strive for teamwork and we hate greifers*! Well, some of them, anyway. (*read rules wayyy below) We have an extensive set of mods customized to provide for a more “paced” and less stressful gameplay experience while still holding onto core gameplay elements. The loot system has been reconfigured making C4 and military-grade weapons more rare than usual (and some uncraftable, see below). Configurations and updates are always being tweaked and applied, restarts are minimal. **Wipes will only occur if required and if there are no workarounds. **Join us, build a house, join a group or start your own, craft your way to the top or buy your way using the economy system, the possibilities keep being added and as the game grows, so will our community and server capacity.

While we have everything working (for the most part :slight_smile: we are approached with inevitable updates and sometimes things don’t work. Please, notify the admins immediately if you notice something is “off”.

Server Hosting by HFBServers - ** RUNNING Oxide Mod Base (v1.9) **

**Current Mods - ***Links Provided
****Basic Economy *(Custom)
- OurRates: Players earn money by killing zombies ($10), bears ($25), wolves ($15) andother players (10% of the victim’s money).
- PriceList(Growing and changing as demand… demands it): Join the server and type "/price
" without quotes for a growing list of items for sell via the “Market”. Check out the Basic Economy webpage to find other juicy commands. Or ask ingame, we’re friendly after all :wink:
***Crafting Controller **(Custom)
- Whats this!? A convenient list for you!
Blocked Blueprints (these blueprints won’t even spawn! making them rare to discover!)
*** Explosive Charge Blueprint
P250 Blueprint

  •    Shotgun Blueprint*
  •    M4 Blueprint*
  •    MP5A4 Blueprint*
  •    Bolt Action Rifle Blueprint*

BlockedCrafting (nobody could craft these items even if they wanted to!)

  •    Explosive Charge*
  •    Explosives*
  •    Kevlar Vest*
  •    Kevlar Pants

*BlockedResearching (why research when you can purchase these rare components!?)

  •    Kevlar Vest*
  •    Kevlar Pants*
  •    Explosive Charge*
  •    Explosives

Chat History

        *- type "/history" without quotes in chat to display the last 20 chat entries*

*Door Sharing

        - that's right. you can share your doors with your friends.


        - this mod simply kicks a user for having an "unusal" name


        - click the link for a list of the commands

List Players

        - type "/list" without quotes in chat to see current players

Loot Spawn Lists (Custom)

        - See Crafting Control above. The loot system has been reconfigured

Private Messaging

      - just type "/pm name msg" without the quotes to send a private message to someone


        **- this means your house won't disappear if you're logged out for a couple of weeks.

**and some other mods for admins…

Again, this server is a work in progress just like the actual game. Bear with us as we continue to work through updates for both the game and the mods used for the server to provide a fun and badass experience for you guys.


No Insane Griefing: (ie: building a house around someone’s house, & pillar griefing.) Attempting to build over someone’s house using Foundations, Pillars, and Staircases is allowed in moderation, but discouraged.

No Hacking: Know how insta-craft works? Imagine being banned just as fast!

Don’t be a jerk. Also, racism is a bannable offense.

Admins = talon, chaise, JP

net.connect That is all.


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